ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS: Poland = Lechia has probably 7-10 thousands years

Posted 7/23/2016

I've read many papers and several books about my country. I was interested why Russians, Ukrainians call us sometimes "lachs" (pronunciation in E.glish would be "lackhs" and why in old countries as Turkey or Iran (Persia) we are still called Lehestan or Lahestan. Simply befor Baptism in 966 (or earlier) Poland was called/named Lechia Imperium. It was the most powrfull country in Europe of 7-10K years of history. It recently has been proved by DNA researches, mainly so colled haplogroup  R1a1 (Y-DNA). BTW: slavs doesn't matter slaves! It has more deep semantically meaning, being more to "Sława" - in English pronciated "Swava" or close to that "slava". Soon I will write more about deep history of Poland, before Baptism (Max. 966), Aryan-Slavic or Sarmatians.

AI: Jia Jia - The next Chinese Robot

Posted 7/7/2016

Quite recently in China has been unveiled the next robot - in this case it is the female robot named Jia Jia, by the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) in Hefei, capital of east China's Anhui Province. Its/her (? :) ) skin is made of silica, the “face” is based - according to CCTV and the university reports  - on the looks of five students from the university. To inhance human-robot interaction it can nod, blink its eyes, and move its hands. Additionally, it is able to recognize its owner's voice and make conversation. Here is link to YT footage how it looks and behaves: About the University:

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Pseudoscience: IMO law is not a science

Posted 7/7/2016

My thesis is that law is not science (of course not only law) but only artificial system of knowledge. A cookbook is also system of knowledge and generally the whole activity concerning cooking, but they don't are domain of science, it's quite different issue than dietetics in medicine. Practice is even worse, when the fundamental principles of Roman law are being broken sometimes, e.g. onus probandi - "Ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat"!. It means that man being accused must prove that it "is not a camel". Additional problem is principe of adversarial principle (in Polish: kontradyktyoryjność) - from latin: contradiction). If law is not a science so there shouldn't be (beside e.g. history of law systems) be scientific degrees like Ph.D or Dr hab. (in German Dr. habil.). In my opinion it's important part of knowledge for any society but being rather to large degree craft. So the proper titles/degrees could be only M.Sc. (master of law). The professor title should be used in a way as in the art domain (for example at University Musical Academy of Music. The level of logic of some justifications of judgments or accusations are euphemistically weak or ridiculous from the point of logic nad Roman law. Soon I will give 1 example of this "science" from my personal experience which have nothing to science and even logic.

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AI: AI robots take a job. KFC in Shanghai (China) opens restaurant without people (ppl)

Posted 5/23/2016

As I predicted recently, AI in predictable future will not be dangerous, literally, in the usual sense. But it will be "dangerous" taking away jobs, especially routine works and requiring low qualifications and rather poor education. I gave earlier information about this trend. Recently I repeated my thesis in many interviews, e.g.:,film,384313.html.  

Quite recently I've received information about China project concerning project for replacing humans with robots called Du Mi in the fast-food restaurants KFC. This project has been realized - among others - by China' company Baidu.  Restaurants network KFC, in cooperation with the Chinese company Baidu, has just opened in Shanghai, the world's first fast food restaurant without any human! Here you are advertissement of Du Mi: or It's only beginning... (I told and wrote about it several times). Generally my opinion is quite different than that of Prof. Stephen Hawking. Yes, AI can be dangerous for us, but only under several precise conditions, not without reservation, absolutely !  More here (SOHU):

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Artificial Intelligence: Tay AI chatbot has been terminated after 16 hours of activity

Posted 3/30/2016

The Tay AI bot has been released on 23 March 2016 by Microsoft Corp. to be used for the Twitther platform. It was taken off-line after about 16 houres of being used. The reason was Tay had learnt from users to response in very inflammatory way. BTW here is link to Sophia the robot, also with some problems:

IMO it's another proof that most of contemporary bots are far from intelligence and work mostly "mechanically", taking into account more syntax, lexical aspects with shallow knowledge than their semantics.

Some more links on this topic:

and more on YT

Logic: Logic is very important. Some lawyers lacks logic - consequences can be serious

Posted 11/23/2015

Content soon

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Pseudoscience: Quantum physics is good for all, for esotericists too

Posted 11/14/2015

For esotericists using the magic words of "quantum physics" is good support for their ideas, what additionally gives their theories the taste of big science and the simple way of explanation of even the most crazy concepts. The rest of the content soon

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Electric Universe: The new lecture by Dr. Stephen Crothers

Posted 10/11/2015

Dr. Steve Crothers is a preeminent mathematician about whom I wrote here on my blog some time ago. He has his own view of relativity theory and denies the existence in reality of black holes. His ideas are for sure controversial, but he use scientific and mathematcal arguments not only subjective feelings. Here you can watch (and try to understand :) ) this:

Music: Steve Vai - one of the best contemporary guitarists

Posted 10/11/2015

I don't write facts about Steve Vai, cause they are available from eg. Wikipedia or the artist's website His music is far from traditional rock improvisations and more predicatable blues solos. IMHO he moves forward contemporary rock music borders forward. I think the reason is that he is not only very hard working, brilliant and experimenting "with notes" musician, but he also has good academic background (higher music education - Steve Vai attended Berklee College of Music, afterwards recording a promotional piece for them in which he spoke about auditioning for Frank Zappa at age 20 (Wiki)). I think as a person playing guitar and having modest music education but so called absolute pitch - I remembered still sound of eg. G - I can say it's hearable. Rather few rock guitarist reads and writes "notes" - Steve: yes. I reccomend to watch and LISTEN this:  or or  Very valuable are also interviews on YT with him, showing that he's very intelligent and modest

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History: Polish Winged Hussars undefeated by 125 years - the best cavalry in the world!

Posted 9/13/2015

Recently I saw the film about the Battle of Vienna. I am reluctant to speak about the history, especially about politics, though like everyone I have my own thoughtsThat's why I'm writing about something completely different as before, about the average European does not know, just US American - I mean Polish Hussars. Whether you know, that if not for they, you wouldn't drink the coffee today? How they looked like? IMO they were the most beautiful cavalry in the World. First of all Hussars (in Polish Husaria) - Polish heavily armored cavalry undefeated by 125 years (!), equipped modern, even in guns, beside pikes and sabers, very brave army. A characteristic feature were 2 long wings after cavaliers back, please watch this: Fully English documentary footage: This story goes back to the Battle of Vienna (here you are:

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Psudoscience: Pseudo-scientific psychological tests still in use !

Posted 8/23/2015

In preparation, ready soon; older notes on this subject are in previous records!

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Wild cats: Petition - Extradite poacher Walter Palmer to face charges in Zimbabwe

Posted 8/17/2015

Quite recently Petition appeared to sign, against barbaric killing of lion Cecil using bow. Dentist W. Palmer shot the lion with a bow and arrow. Cecil took 40 hours to die with the arrow in his flank!!! Plenty of people are against Palmer, and any who understand how wild cats are endangered and how barbarian and illegal it was should sign the petition. We should remember he earlier killed also fully grown leopard for fun! The petition is here:

If you understand that lions are endangered species and you like them, sign please the petition. Below are pictures of killed by Walter Palmer lion Cecil! The news about it I've got from MaxTV by Max Kolonko, USA journalist (Eng. subtitles):

Wild cats: In contrast to hunters killing lions. Lions feelings towards humans. Christian lion.

Posted 8/15/2015

When I watched the Max Kolonko's program (, it came to my mind my knowledge about how many positive emotions lions and other dangerous cats - killed by barbarians (I mean hunters) - are able to show humans bond and positive emotions.  I would like to show you some examples and proofs of that fact. So please watch some films addressed by included links:

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Wild cats: Two hunters from USA illegaly killed lions

Posted 8/15/2015

According to MaxTV by Max Kolonko, quite recently a dentist from Minnesota shot majestic lion Cecil protected in National Park in Africa (very popular there); then doctor (M.D.) from Pensylvania also killed a lion, probably illegal kill too - Would you like to be treated by such individuals? Hunting for lions is barbarian dealings, the more that the large wild cats are endangered species. Generally, I believe that hunting is barbarian human activity, if it is not necessary to survive/live. From the fault of the hunters is now only about 300 Siberian tigers, the most big and powerfull cats. Hunters of course kill also other already endangered species as extremely agile leopards or the fastest land animal on Earth - cheetah (even 120 km/h, 100 in 3 seconds - and not on asphalt (!!!), so better than most sports car).

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AI: Protest against Artificial Intelligence in USA - signum temporis

Posted 3/16/2015

March 14, 2015 the first known to me small protest against artificial Intelligence in that its dehumanizing future of AI took place. Group warned against artificial intelligence takeover (after Signum temporis! This event has two aspects I think. The first is quite old and rleted to the well-known potentially possible danger of revolt of AI, robots and computers. This is a subject in itself interesting to futuristic and philosophical considerations. The second aspect is - how AI software and computers can unfavorably influence our life. It could be, for example, connected with the risk of job loss. the similar problem. A similar problem arose when computers started to be implemented, and information systems in enterprises in the late 60s and 70sLooking for analogies much earlier encounter workers revolt against the machines in the early capitalism, for example Ludites protests against labour-replacing machinery from 1811 to 1817 in England. Loop in history or regularity in the development of new advanced technologies?

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MEDIA: Artificial Intelligence in TV NTV: auxiliary materials - Supplement

Posted 2/25/2015

This stuff will be adressed generally for Polish televiewers of that Polish TV so I will prapare it exceptionally only in Polsh.

Z powodu poważnej grypy, materiały pomocnicze, podobnie jak dla cyklu programów nt. Elektrycznego Wszechświata i kosmologii plazmowej, będę przygotowywał tu na blogu, zacznę jednak siłą rzeczy z małym opóźnieniem. Niestety z powodu dużych obciążeń zawodowych dopiero w drugiej połowie kwietnia uzupełnię tę notkę na blogu o materiały pomocnicze i część rysunków oraz zdjęć pokazywanych w programie. Dla przykładu, wracam z uczelni po całym dniu zajęć we wtorek i w piątek nb. z programowania komputerów, przed 20 a o 20:15 na żywo biorę udział w programie. Mam nadzieję, że zmęczenie nie daje zanadto znać o sobie, kosztem jakości moich wypowiedzi i sposobu mówienia!

Dotychczasowe programy zostały zapisane i są już dostępne pod następującymi adresami Vimeo i Youtube:


Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Krzysztof Michalik

Science vs. Pseudoscience: Is psychology a science? Part 1 - "personality disorders"

Posted 1/30/2015

The mainstream of psychology, especially that part of pos-Freud tradition, is pseudoscience for me, not only me. Unfortunately the psychologists lobby is responsible for some false accusations on the basis of their opinions as expert witnesses, in some cases they are responsible (again, on the basis of their opinions) for taking away parents' children. What is the basis for thos opinions? In most cases psychologica, pseudoscientific "tests" (I wrote earlier about e.g. Rorschach's "test" on this blog - I plan to return to this issue). It happens in XXI century...

There are exceptions, really wise and inteligent psychologists - it is that fraction, small part of scientific stream in psychology unlike

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Electric Universe: Why all the craters on the Moon, on Mars etc. are round?

Posted 1/21/2015

Does this mean that all the asteroids or comets hit at a right angle? It's simply impossible from the point of view of probability! Even looking through binoculars or a small telescope can tell. Besides, we can see on accurate satellite photos of the moon, beyond the photos with large professional telescopes. If researchers from the paradigm of the Electric Universe and large electrical discharges are not that right? Why the interior surface of the craters is generally flat?

Electric Universe: Rosetta - and yet comets are simply asteroids, not dirty snowballs!

Posted 12/17/2014

Title of one os some articles in the recent newsletter from Thunderbolts Project is as follows: Comets May Not Be What We Thought ! Rosetta mission seems to confirm this thesis. Here is the link to the YT films on this subject: (Comets May Not Be What We Thought) (Oops! No Water on Comet 67P?) (Rubble on 67P Defies Current Comet Theory)

There are even no bluish patches of ice! Only rocks, from rubbles, gravels to sand or other dust! Prediction and theory of EU comets seems to be correct, conventional comet's nucleus explanations probably refuted!

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Ethan: I was nominated as a member of Editorial Board of scientific Ethan Publishing

Posted 12/8/2014

I've just been nominated as a member of the Editorial Board of the Ethan Publishing Company in USA, specializing in scientific publications. I was also accepted as "reviewer" of published papers and books. What is of great interest for me as a computer scientist Ethan Publishing Co. publish scientific journal called "Computer Science and Applications". Below some details. Their publications are indexed in several well-known scientific databases:

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