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Knowledge is power  (scientia potentia est)               
Francis Bacon (1561–1626) 


 NEWS on site: 

  • NEW - I 've just been nominated and accepted as a member of Editorial Board of the USA scientific Ethan Publishing Company. At the same time I was accepted as a scientific reviewer of Computer Science and Applications journal of that Publishing Company. More on blog.
  • NE - I 've been invited by the Independent TV NTV for interview and small series of "mini-lectures" on plasma cosmology an the theory of Electric Universe. More on blog...
  • My latest book on Expert Systems and Knowledge Management has just been published, more information on my blog.
  • Recently I gave a lecture at ING Silesian Bank on expert systems.
  • New note on Electric Universe, very interesting, alternative cosmology theory based on plasma physics achievements shortly described on my blog with links to knowledge sources (here).
  • CAKE system (Computer Aided Knowledge Engineering) has been added on the site "Free downloads". More information about this system here.
  • DialogEditor system supporting expert system PC-Shell while building GUI interfaces has been added on the site "Free downloads"
  • As I wrote earlier, I added on the "Free downloads" site some other systems I created, in that hybrid expert system PC-Shell, neural net Neuronix and HybRex - tool and environment for building IDSS and data analysis applications - a lot of people who have asked! Soon I will add my research prototype system CAKE for Computer Aided Knowledge Engineering .
  • I've just started the LOGOS Research Project, some words about it on the blog, therefore the site "Free Downloads" is under reconstruction; the first side-product for teching purposes at universities as well as for all individuals simply interested in AI I will add on the site for free download. Please observe the site.
  • A book with my new article on Knowledge Engineering has just been published  by Springer Verlag in series "Studies in Fuziness and SoftComputing":

A Companion Volume to Sadegh-Zadeh’s Handbook of Analytical Philosophy of Medicine

Co-authors of that paper: prof. Mila Kwiatkowska, Ph.D. (Canada) and dr. Krzysztof Kielan, MD (UK).

Series: Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing, Vol. 302 

Seising, Rudolf; Tabacchi, Marco Elio (Eds.) 

2013, XXVI, 447 p. 123 illus. 

Price: 139,09 € 

  • The AI software package SPHINX and e-books about it are allowed to be downloaded for free with only several limitations !!!   E-books: here
  • The new e-book on HybRex system (Hybrid AI enivironment for IDSS building) has been added: here
  • The new e-book on introduction to building applications using PC-Shell expert system for users, scientists and students -here
  • Lecture by prof. Jay Liebowitz at my University ! Photo Gallery here.
  • Quite recently I received new book by Springer with my paper and friends of mine: prof. Mila Kwiatkowska and dr. Krzysztof Kielan, MD. on "Computational Representation of Medical Concepts: A Semiotic and Fuzzy Logic Approach" in Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing. Price: 169,95 €.


When computers are beginning to defeat a man...

Deep blue.



Conference of Polish Computer Society (PTI), Wisła, Silesia, Poland











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